Our Ukrainian Sky

A new and significant contribution to the effort has come in the form of a film. In one of the previous notes below I described the connection made by two lawyers in LA, which led to several tens of thousands of dollars raised and three London-Ukraine trips. Well, that LA Story continued on the golf course, and led to me being introduced to Bobby Roth, a distinguished filmmaker. Bobby has worked in the entertainment industry his entire career (read more on the film’s website linked below). Bobby offered to donate his time, expertise, and network of contacts to make a film about our Trucks’ effort. We gladly accepted, and called on many of you to help Bobby better understand Ukraine, the region, what led to the war, and what life is like for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

Bobby has dedicated (and donated) his full working time over the last several months to the project. Together with John Smith, a leading LA-based cinematographer, Bobby traveled to London and drove vehicles into Ukraine. They spent time with and interviewed the team that runs the Truck effort (you’ll see all of them in the film), and with recipients of the vehicles. And Bobby, with an amazing group of talented industry professionals who also donated their time and expertise, turned that experience into Our Ukrainian Sky, a short film which you can be among the first to watch on the Liberty Trucks Ukraine website: www.libertytrucksua.com. You can watch the film, read more about its making, share the site on your social media, and make a donation.

We need your help

Now that we have this amazing fundraising tool, we need the entire world to watch it (and to donate). And to do that we need your help to distribute the film. Firstly, please forward the website link to your contacts, and ask them to do the same. Taking the time to share the link and encourage your friends to watch the film will have a huge impact. Secondly, if you know anyone in the entertainment business who may be able to help us distribute the film broadly, let me know. We would love to see it on Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc., and in movie theaters.